Valentine's Day picnic and dive with South Florida Beach Divers.

February 12

Blue Heron Bridge Photo Dive.

April 19

Earth Day underwater and beach cleanup - Dania Beach.

March 31

Final lobster season night hunting dive for veteran divers.

  • Beginner SCUBA certification
  • Deep-dive SCUBA classes
  • Excursions off the S. Florida coast
  • Customized snorkel trips
  • Regular trips to the Florida Keys
  • Guest speakers and special events
  • Instructor certification
  • Partnerships with local surf & dive shops


training & education

Fathom Five is committed to safe diving and to developing diver knowledge and skills.  We feature a complete line of aquatic training and scuba certification through qualified instructors and recognized agencies.

dive for free

Through its local dive club, Fathom Five sponsors dozens of dives each month that are free of charge to certified divers of all levels.

What's New?


May 5

Sinko de Mayo night dive.

marine research & conservation

We support local and global marine conservation efforts by sponsoring local beach and underwater cleanups, reef surveys, coral research & restoration, invasive species studies, and more.

May 8

Relay for Life Cancer Dive.

reefs and wrecks

We have the most complete list of beach dive sites in all South Florida.  This information is only available at Fathom Five Scuba.